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aNueNue x 音樂生活

aNueNue x Life Music Play

aNueNue (pronounced as AA-Nuw-eh-NUW-eh) means rainbow in Hawaiian. The "Ke Ali'i Anuenue", or Rainbow Chief, is the guardian spirit and one of the best known Hawaiian petroglyphs. The arc above the Rainbow Chief's head shows that he radiates wisdom and power and shoulders responsibility. Ke Ali'i Anuenue is the keeper of the land and its people. At aNueNue USA, we harness the Rainbow Chief's spirit and feel that we are all responsible for protecting Mother Earth.

Johnson Liao, founder of aNueNue Music, finds that the company and instrument itself, shares the same philosophy. The ukulele is a happy musical instrument; it spreads love, peace and soul. It was from this philosophy that aNueNue Ukulele was born.

aNueNue Music's journey begins in 2008 with a team of music lovers. We have a strong will and a passion to make great acoustic and electric guitars, but we had no idea we would fall in love with the Ukulele the way we did. We've sourced and tested various woods from all over the world. We found some of the best craftsman in Taiwan and China to help build our instruments. Because we already had a strong musical instrument background, aNueNue was able to re-invent the wheel and make new innovative Ukulele bracing and construction. After several years of honing our craft, we believe we produce one of the sweetest sounding instruments on the market today.

aNueNue Ukulele Company is from Taiwan. Taiwanese are friendly and big hearted. Our motto is: Life, Music, Play. We have worked with schools and various charity groups over the years and we believe that our company should be socially responsible by giving back to society when we can. We are not only trying to make the world's finest musical instruments, we are also hoping to make the world a better place. The one true language of the world is music and we love contributing to the conversation.

aNueNue ukuleles are designed in Taiwan and manufactured in China. All of our instruments are designed by August Liao and Johnson Liao Our brands are: aNueNue Ukulele, aNueNue Bird Guitar, and Rainbow Ukulele. With our expertise and years of experience in the music industry, we have focused our passion to bring you the World's best ukulele. We hope you enjoy our instruments for the rest of your life.

Founded in 2020, aNueNue USA Founders Kalei Gamiao and Corey Fujimoto share the same philosophy as aNueNue Music. Both are well-known virtuosos in Hawaii, they strive to carry the aNueNue vision worldwide by providing superbly handcrafted instruments by experienced and well-respected luthiers. Anuenue USA is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and we pride ourselves in delivering personalized customer service and quality instruments worldwide.

► aNueNue Innovation

aNueNue constantly challenges itself. From the shape design, body structure, selected season tonewood , products planning and production, it has been repeatedly experimented and improved, hoping to give consumers higher quality products. In addition to maintaining the same high quality, it also has the courage to try the combination of different materials to challenge the past design. Since 2008, aNueNue's first ukulele series was born, challenging different styles of ukulele series, and after the birth of bird guitar in 2015, we also developed our own signature bass and electric guitar. We will continue to develop new innovative products!

► 嚴於品質

► aNueNue Quality

Quality has always been the most important part of aNueNue. It requires "to do a Foundation job from the first step, otherwise it will not continue to the next step." Under this standard, in order to have a perfect quality, we will continue to R&D, revise the design, and production procedure. After numerous revisions, we will only start production after confirming that the quality is stable.

From the prototype design to mass production to the quantitative production stage of the factory, aNueNue has undergone multiple procedures and is constantly fine-tuned and corrected. In the production line, there are strict QC checks on various stages in the factory. For quality, we require the best and strictest. Only by maintaining good quality control, players can feel emotion when playing aNueNue.

► 樂於生活

► Life Music Play

Music is a sign, a sound sign. Expressing what people think is one of the carriers of people's thoughts. It contains life experiences and thoughts. From the sound wave analysis, music is pure sound with constant frequency. From the effect, it can bring people the enjoyment of beauty and express people's emotions, and even a channel to express and reflect reality, which is closely related to life.

aNueNue believes that "music" and "life" are inseparable, and "living music" is the ultimate goal of aNueNue. I hope to singing, and playing a part of life. When you are happy, you have music to match, when you are sad, you have music to vent, and when you are lonely, you have music to accompany you, and write memories with you.

Products History

Satisfy your Music Need, Sky has no Limit

Started with Ukulele, the line expand into travel acoustic, full size acoustic, bass, nylon, and electric. We have a musical instrument for you, to accompany your music journey.

All size musical instrument for your need. At here, you will find suitable musical instrument


aNuenue is borned

In the beginning, we designed our classic ukulele. Innovative laser etched on the ukulele.


Retro time

We try to find the roots, and design a vintage design 1879 where ukulele all started.


aNueNue X U900 Collab

Japan U900 rabbit and bear artist we design a series of special ukuleles with rabbit and bear soundhole along with cute laser etched design on the ukulele.


Electric ukulele

Electric hybrid ukulele is born, Semi-hollow design. Player and rock with ukulele.


aNueNue Life Music Play Class

Ukulele class and work with artist and teacher to further promote the ukulele musical instrument.


Aqua Brand

A new entry level uke is design with Swarovski crystals and decal inlay on fingerboard


Bird Guitar

Unique Straight cutaway body is designed, along with Parabolic brace structure. Offset soundhole to increase the body resonance area on the travel size guitar. The inspiration if from Robin Bird


Luminova Glow in Dark Fingerboard Inlay

We develop our own Lumivoa material from Japan, and use it on fingeboard design.


Bird Ukulele

We extend the bird guitar design into ukulele. We work with Luthier Morihiko Mitsuta to design a Mountain Fuji X Brace design on a bird ukulele. The result is a very projective and warm sounding ukuelle.


Rainbow aNueNue Ukulele

We further expand the Luminova inlay material and use it on the fingerboards. A new choice for the beginner.


Nylon | Bass

We expanded the travel nylon birds guitar and mini S10 nylon guitar. Nylon bass travel size is also developed in the same year. Offering diversify range to the bird family musical instrument.


Color Guitar and ukulele

Selected 5 rich Pantone color to make funky guitars and ukuleles. Scratch free pickguard cloth is used on the musical instrument, adding a very stylish European look.


Acoustic Future x Sugitar Kenji

aNueNue spent three year of R&D, and work closely with Sugita Kenji. “Coherence Vibration” Air Oscillation design is use on Acoustic Future Series.


aNueNue Big Bang Electric

To Celebrate 10th Anniversary, limited production Big Band Electric guitar is designed. Unique UFO circuit allow you to play 15 switch usable tone to match your music need.


Acoustic Travel

Design with Acoustic Future brace construction improve the string to string balance, resonance, sustain, and you can feel the chord haromny. Full size guitar sound built into a travel compact size guitar.



A New Perspective on Old Traditions. The Singer brand is all about capturing the voice and spirit of the “Mainland ukulele” with more clarity and brightness sound.

Clasic yet Innovative!

 10 years of renovation, we will continue to shock the World. 


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