Air Blue

Available in acoustic and Ukulele. 

aNueNue Air Blue Dual Pickup is design to produce the clear and transparent tone of instrument. Air Blue is friendly to use with Simple (Vol) and (Mic) Control. It's unique, discrete design class A Circuit, delivers low distortion, low noise, and dynamic tone.


Low Distortion:0.697%@1KHz
Low Noise:-128dBV@10KHz
Signal to Noise:110dB
Jack diameter:6.35mm
Battery:3V (CR2032) Coin Battery
Battery life:80 hours Operation

Omni-Directional Air Microphone

On the Control unit, a high performance Omni-Directional Air Microphone is sitting on the PCB Board. The "purest" microphones in terms of low coloration; they add very little to the original sound. Being pressure-sensitive they can also have a very flat low-frequency response down to 20 Hz or below. The Air Mic adds harmonically rich tone, and pick up the air reflex. Mic level can be adjusted to the fingerstyle percussion on the instrument body.

AU Pickups

aNueNue undersaddle (AU) acoustic pickup is design to pick up the top motion of the soundboard. AU pickup use earthquake grade sensor film only 0.6mm thick picks up the most delicate vibration. Plucking of String release energy into Soundboard and the top motion air reflex generates beautiful sound. The dynamic frequency/wave is capture by AU Pickups.