M/L - Acoustic Original

M/L10 | M/L20 | M/L30

The first step to becoming a musician, Pick up a guitar, and you can't put it down. Start from now My first guitar Must be, “Simple and Unique Ergonomic Design”

All-New Redesign Travel and Full size Guitar!

Musicians Love to use it!
The New Choice for Travel Guitars

The first choice for getting started with guitar,
acacia rosette and wood binding added elegant touch to the design.

The most popular Original M & L series

The Newly Upgraded in 2022

V Gear tuners upgrade
V Enlarged headstock
V Acacia rosette and wood binding
V Bridge NEW design

aNueNue Life Session

Nature x Music Life

“Out of New Ideas,
Music allows me to Find the Exit!”

M10 & L10

Sitka Spruce/Mahogany

An extremely versatile as it offers an immense dynamic resonance in the high, mid and low ranges and works excellently for most music genres.

“Listening and Feeling, the Power of Music”

M20 & L20

Taiwan Mahogany/Mahogany

Delivers a fast tonal transfer, a bright and organic tone and the bass is on the warmer side.

“Musician Friends, Music Brings Us Together!”

M30 & L30

Acacia Koa Taiwan

Acacia Taiwan brings with it a clear crisp high and a lavish full mid-range sound similar to that of mahogany. 

During the pandemic, life style has evolved, and mood needs to be changed too! Go outdoors, bring your aNueNue up to the mountain and play for inspiration, Open your senses, feel the power of nature, and follow the voice of your heart.