Color Ukulele Series
Fashion Pantone Color Blend into Life

Soprano Concert Tenor
Six Color for Your Music Life

In 2022, Color Ukulele Series is available in Soprano, Concert, Tenor size. Along with the popular Living CoralBlue Arona and Almond Milk colors uke, we are happy to introduce three new colors: Ice GreenBlack Forest and Black Beauty.

Black Forest and Black Beauty have matching headstock color and Inlay design.

# Ice Chill

Ice Green

The color is inspired by the iceberg in the polar circle. Visually, it seems that you can feel the pleasant temperature of tranquility and comfort, bringing natural vitality and freshness. It is your dazzling choice.

# Quiet Sense

Black Forest

The mysterious forest green, with its own forest-like elegance, exudes a calm temperament from the headstock to the body, perfectly interpreting the coexistence of fashion and retro charm.

# Trendy Fashion

Black Beauty

Black holds undefeated status in all aspects of life, art and fashion. It can be elegant and straightforward; it is calm and low-key at the same time full of emotion and casualness, reflecting the ever-changing beauty.

# Peaceful Mind

Blue Arona

Calm and stable, it is now the most common color in home clothing, with a spiritual meaning full of peace of mind and keeping a low profile.

# Lively Life

Living Coral

The top wood uses a special color matte open proes, taken from Pantone color code Living Coral, as the representative color of 2019, the rich colors in the depths of the sea, lively and enthusiastic, full of vitality, affirm the value of life.

# Heal Time

Almond Milk

The color often used in the space of life, giving a clean, peaceful feeling, has a philosophical meaning of healing the mind, simple and powerful.


relinquishes crispy clear sounds over a wide tonal spectrum. It is excellent for both strumming and finger-style playing.

Side & Back|Mahogany

Quarter-sawn straight grain mahogany is light weight and hard, subsequently it delivers a fast tonal transfer, a bright and organic tone and the bass is on the warmer side.

Scratches Free Pickguard

On the top right bout of the body, an European scratches free cloth is use as a pickguard. The design of pickguard imitates the look of Bird body uke, and protects the ukulele paint.

Maple Binding
The maple binding serves to protect the edges of the wood from impact.

Matte Open Pores Finish
Natural wood grain feeling.

1:14 gear ratio for precise tuning.

with smooth rotation to effectively achieve acurrate tuning, and with a white plastic twist head, to better line the overall esthetic.

● Black Forest and Black Beauty ●
Have matching headstock color design.

Black Forest、Black Beauty、Arone Blue、Almond Milk used rosewood as a Fretboard.

Easy to Play Fingerboard

Living Coral、Ice Green used maple as a fingerboard

★ Black Forest and Black Beauty ★
Little Stars Inlay.

Black Forest and Black Beauty design with Matching Color Headstock, Little Stars inlay on the fingerboard as added bonus to the design

《Crazy Dreamer (ft. Feng E)》

The latest single, "Crazy Dreamer (ft. Feng E)", released by melFlow in collaboration with Feng E, has invited producer Zhang San, with several Golden Awards, with the dream team to produce the music video for it.Among them, the interlude part of the song is an improv by Feng E, an Ukulele prodigy from Taiwan, which greatly challenged this small music instrument to expand its limits and horizon. Paired with amazing playing skills, and the spectacular visuals to make the music more colorful. Just like the spirit of the UC color series, it enriches the seemingly dull and oridinary life style with color and life. In Hopes that through the music video, viewers could feel the charm from aNueNue!


Original Gigbag|

Linen Gigbag

The UC Linen Gigbag is made of white & brown linen and is designed with a 20mm thick bag for extra protection. There is a front pocket for easy storage. There are also side handles and backpack straps for easy carrying.

White linen

Brown linen

aNueNue Clear Water String

Clear Flurocarbon String Material. Lower tension and clear sounding. Made in Japan.

More Info >>

aNueNue Mini U

aNueNue Mini U uses a Class A Circuit, and deliver clear ukulele tone.

Ice Green

Almond Milk

Living Coral

Arona Blue

Black Forest

Black Beauty


17/19/18 Frets

Frets:17/19/18 Frets
Construction:Solid Top Only
Machine Head:Gear Pegs

Nut/Saddle:Synthetic Bone
Inlays:(BB/BF)Little Stars Inlay
String:aNueNue Clear Water
Finish:Matte Open Pores