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Traditional ukulele finger picking

Shigeto Takahashi started playing the ukulele at a very early age. He now has over 20 years of playing experience and his distinctive soprano finger-style tone is recognized throughout the world. Today he is respected as one of the top ukulele players from Japan.

Shigeto travels to ukulele events and festivals all over the world, spreading his love for ukulele in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Taiwan and Singapore. He tells the story of Mount Fuji and the inspiration behind his playing. Shigeto's solo CD album Roots Trip debuted in 2009.

Shigeto and Johnson of aNueNue first met in Taiwan 2009 during the Fureai Festival. Shigeto's music is inspiring. He blends the Hawaiian traditional strumming technique with innovative finger-picking and plays many old-time hits. aNueNue and Shigeto worked closely together in 2011 to make a DVD called Finger-Picking to spread the traditional technique and love for ukulele. Shigeto and aNueNue also collaborated on various concerts and workshops in Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand.


Participated in Ukulele related events and shows in over 10 countries 

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