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Upcoming young fingerstyle artist

The modern guitarist Ocean Tsai has been learning fingerpicking since he was 11 years old. He has won more than 50 awards in vocal and instrumental competitions all over Taiwan. He is a vastly skilled musician that really plays with the tempo and rhythms creating his rich flavor of music. While listening to his music, it resonates that his music has influences from artists like Masa Sumide and Thomas Lee. To Ocean Tsai one of the most important aspects of his music, is that it should move others around him with energy and delight.

Currently he is XY’s Guitar player, and besides being a teacher and a performer, he’s been a part of many music competitions and music festivals. He has also done work with Dai Pei Ni 戴佩妮, Xu RenJie许仁杰, Lin Xinyi 林芯仪, Ye BingHuan 叶秉桓, Xia YuTong 夏宇童,Jian ShuPing 简淑萍,Zheng YinSheng 郑茵声,Di Mei 滴妹, He Mei 何美,Xi XiaoGua 嘻小瓜 and other entertainers.

In 2017 Ocean Tsai represented the Da Ji cup association at the Winfield Kansas Walnut Valley Festival. In 2018 he created music for the TV show “Shooting star Garden”, assisted with musical production on another TV show “Men to Boys” and in the same year he worked with several other films and subsequently released soundtracks at the same time.


He experiences includes:

- He won “Original Music Group” at the 1st Fingerpicking WAGD Music festival in Beijing.

- He ranked second in 2018 at the 5th Guitar Utopia competition.

- He was the opening guest at the aNueNue X Seigi Igusa Jing Cao Sheng Tai Bei Concert.

- He placed First at Taiwan’s University Guitar Competition for “best creative group”.

- At Taiwan’s 19th University Guitar Competition he won in the category of “best guitarist” and “creative string instrument” and additionally taking home their “Hall of Fame” title.

- He came in 1st at Taiwan’s Voice Up Competition.

- The 15th Xiamen TV Taiwan- Mainland University Music tournament he was runner-up.

- At the 25th YAMAHA Hot Sound tournament he placed third in the Taiwan district.

- At the 15th and 16th Red String Awards he won “best guitar player”