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Innovative ukulele artist

Vanessa Ding is from Taiwan. She started playing the piano and Guzheng (a harp-like Chinese instrument) at a young age. Traditional Eastern music has influenced her musical style and ukulele playing, but she also specializes in ballet, modern dance and tap-dancing.

In 2013, Vanessa combined her ukulele playing and ballet, which created a unique performance. She is the only known artist who combines dance grooves while playing the ukulele. She feels that modern ballet can express the elegance of her body gestures and can showcase ukulele in a brilliant new way. Vanessa also feels that tap dance and ukulele combined creates a happy element to her music. You can definitely feel her passion through her music and dance.

Vanessa covers many musical genres. Some of these would include songs like: Moon Represent My Heart in a Bossa Nova Brazilian-style, to David Guetta’s, "Titanium," and also rock-n-roll Christmas songs.

In 2014, before the World Cup Soccer game, she covered the, "We Are One.” This was the first combined ukulele and tap dance performance ever seen on MTV. The surprise performance attracted many media outlets and today Vanessa performs her music on many TV shows.

Vanessa Ding & Kyas Ryo

In 2014 Oct. Vanessa face a hard time in ukulele playing. She had the chance to meet with Japanese artist Kyas in Taiwan, and She fly to Kochi, Japan, and become apprentice of Kyas. In Kochi, Kyas encourage Vanessa to play at many venue, and live house. Kyas is a great influence for Vanessa, and inspire Vanessa to create original music style. This visit gave Vanessa positive strength, and expand her ukulele international Views.


2014 4th ThailandUkuleleFestival 3rd prize

2018 7th annual The International Ukulele Contest 1st prize