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The guitarist fall in love with ukulele

"Karim Bonnardel is a french Ukulele fingerstyle artist. He is the host and founder of french YouTube Channel "Karim Ukulele Therapy".

He started to play the guitar at the age of 15, then performed with many pop and metal bands, touring before deciding to teach music. From metal to jazz and after two decades as guitar teacher, he randomly met the Ukulele during a scary full-moon night at the age of 40.

You can call it a mid-life crisis but it was enough for Karim to give up his old bad Metal shredder manners and his guitars to switch on this little 4 strings instrument. It was like forgetting everything learned for starting a new way of playing music with fresh ideas and less usual amplified instruments effects.

"Karim Ukulele Therapy" is the fastest growing Youtube Ukulele channel in France, getting more and more views where people can have fun struggling with unusual tutorials based on Ukulele advanced techniques. Karim used all his former shredding-guitar skills and transposes it on the Ukulele, offering varieties of uncommon exercises mixed with traditional Hawaïan ukulele techniques inspired by the greatest players like Jake Shimabukuro and Kalei Gamiao...

He is also a filmmaker who produces video clips and he uses his camera and video skills to make "Ukulele Therapy" a wonderful experience for every viewer.

He is right now, besides dispensing Ukulele Tutorials, writing and recording his first only ukulele album which will be something very unusual.

The day he put his fingers on an aNueNue UT1K changed his life forever."