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Thunder speed fingerstyle ukulele artist

Kyas Ryo is one of the most well-known ukulele virtuosos in Asia. He has won the best-technique prize in the 2007 Ukulele Contest in Japan. He has also performed at 40th Ukulele Festival Hawaii in 2010 and the Thailand Ukulele Festival in March 2011-2015. He is the leader of the pop band, Song Sparrow in Japan where he composes all their songs. Kyas is an artist who is always challenged by all the possibilities of ukulele music.

Kyas and Johnson, owner of aNueNue, met in 2011 at the Thailand Ukulele Festival. Since then, they have become the closest of friends. aNueNue invited Kyas to do workshops and tour in Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Korea. He brings a new excitement to the ukulele community and we are happy to have him play an aNueNue Ukulele

Each time we watch Kays perform, he always gives us a ton of surprises. His music has matured over the last few years. Whether its an original piece, Smooth Jazz, Rock, or Pop, Kays covers all genres of music. Our ukulele grows with Kyas’s music. We learn a lot from him.