Hummingbird UT200

- Making the Noise Music -

Hummingbird Makes the Highest Pitched Call of Any Bird
- Claudio Mello, Brazil Neuroscientist -

Hummingbird UT200 Story

“Hummingbird at my mother’s house. I was playing ukulele, they came to drink water. And they stay around, maybe listen to my music playing. Beautiful Bird! ”

- Aline Kelly, Brazil -

Who doesn’t love Brazil, and Bossa Nova Music. We are fascinated by Aline’s hummingbird story, and it led us to explore Brazil music, culture, and the hummingbirds. We wanted to design an over the top UT200, not too much and not too little, just enough of hummingbirds. So, we have a hummingbird flying on the headstock, and hovering hummingbirds around the floral rosette.

aNueNue X Luthier Mitsuta

The story and collaboration started when ukulele artist Kyas introduce Luthier Mitsuta to aNueNue. We design the bird ukulele, and Mitsuta design the voiced of Bird ukulele. Mitsuta's Mount Fuji-voiced brace design produces a clear overtone and warm sounding ukulele. His unique design and perfection to work inspire aNueNue team.

Moon Spruce from Switzerland

Typically harvested at high altitudes, the critical aspect of this very special top-wood is the traditional point on the lunar cycle in which the tree is felled, with the moisture in wood at it's lowest and the wood subsequently at its driest, this translates in context to a very articulate, punchy and clear tone with plenty of power and headroom.

Swiss Moon Spruce sports a very tight grain, with a classy and striking pale colouring that really helps accents across the body and detail in the rosette stand out and shine.

In Search of Wood Pairing
Moon Spruce with Rosewood

Moon Spruce over Rosewood, you will get warm rosewood sound and infinitely more of the overtone and by adding the Moon Spruce you are also going to gain power and the sweetness.

Indian Rosewood has a straight grain, dark red, purple to brown appearance. It produces deep sweeping lows, and lush like treble. It works well for all music genres and is especially a favorite among finger-style players.

eBony Headstock
with Gotoh UPT tuners

Flying hummingbird inlay used selected abalone and white mother of pearl, along with colorful turquoise stones. eBony headstock veneer with Gotoh UPT tuners with 1 : 4 gear ratio for precise tuning.

Moon Curvy Lines purfling
Extend to the Rosewood Binding


The hovering hummingbird dance, eat lunch in midair, and pollinate floral rosette. Carefully inlay and use selected material: abalone, white mother of pearl, along with colorful turquoise stones to decorate the beauty. A true handwork to


20 Frets


Top:Moon Spruce
Side:Indian Rosewood
Back:Indian Rosewood
Construction:All Solid
Machine Head:GOTOH UPT

Nut/Saddle:Buffalo Bone
Inlays:Spalted Maple
String:Black Water
Finish:High Gloss
Rosette:Abalone、MOP、Ccolorful turquoise stones、Rosewood
Pickup (Option):Air Air


Black Water String

Black Flurocarbon String Material. Warmer and Treble sounding. Made in Japan.

Blue Hardcase

aNueNue Hardcase is made of laminated hard wood, cover with artificial blue leather. Interior is designed with silver crush velvet. With 20mm of thickness for extra protection.

Pickup (Option) / Air Air

aNueNue Air Air Dual Pickup system is design in HD to reproduce the purest, and dynamic sound of instrument.