Blue Moon, once thought only to be the depth of the night, reveals itself to carry round, full-bodied tones...

With Time-Warping magic at play, discover the joy of creating lasting memories with all the extra minutes and seconds it gives you.

Torrefied 330 Series
by aNueNue

We’ve taken our classic to the next level. By using a unique high-temperature, oxygen-free kiln baking process, we accelerate aging of the wood, significantly reducing the oils and resins that typically take years to diminish. This simulated acceleration of time enhances the stability of the sound quality. The result is a lighter, more resonant instrument with a warmly sweet, richly woody tone, rounded and full mid-tones, superb projection, and balance.

Old Meets New

The torrefaction process through time-warping tech gives the Moon Spruce top a slightly darker hue, creating a sense of well-worn elegance. Torrefied wood maintains its stability in fluctuating climates, resisting expansion and contraction. The 330 series retains the perfect bird-shaped body and exceptional resonance of the aNueNue Bird Ukulele line, while blue purfling accents add a low-key yet captivating detail that enhances its classic allure.

Unveiling the mystique of TORREFIED:
It's a perfect fusion of old and new, where melodies come alive in the legacy of sound. Every strum resonates deeply, echoing the profound nuances inherent in the wood's timbre.

Blue Moon UT330

Rich, deep hue reminiscent of midnight's solemnity, yet with a gentle sweetness poised to bloom at the break of dawn.

Torrefied Top

The torrefied top undergoes extended high-temperature treatment in an oxygen-free kiln, replicating the cellular structure of vintage guitars. This process "cooks off" the oils and resins that would normally take years to diminish as newly harvested wood dries and ages.

The torrefied moon spruce top

has a slightly darker shade, lending it a sense of history. During the baking process, we employ advanced technology to ensure the stability of the wood, allowing the guitar to maintain optimal sound quality across various playing environments. Even after years of use, this stability guarantees the guitar's long-lasting durability.


The 330 series employs heavier, harder, and denser selected South American mahogany, excelling in high-frequency ranges. It resonates sweetly with the acoustic body, offering exceptional projection and balance.


The torrefaction process imparts a deeper, more dynamic sound. Ukuleles with torrefied tops produce a warmer, woodier timbre with a rounder attack, longer sustain, and greater openness.



Original Gigbag|

Blue Hardcase

aNueNue Hardcase is made of laminated hard wood, cover with artificial blue leather. Interior is designed with silver crush velvet. With 20mm of thickness for extra protection.

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aNueNue Blue Moon

Blue Fluorocarbon String Material. The high notes shine with vibrancy, courtesy of the innovative Low-Mid Booster technology that enhances depth and richness.

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Pickup(Option) / Air Air

aNueNue Air Air Dual Pickup system is design in HD to reproduce the purest, and dynamic sound of instrument.

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Size:Sop / Con / Ten
Frets:18 / 20 / 20
Top:Torrefied Moon Spruce
Construction:All Solid
Machine Head:GOTOH UPT
Neck:South American Mahogany

Nut/Saddle:Buffalo Bone
Inlays:Blue Resin-wood(Moon Phase)
String:aNueNue Blue Moon
Rosette:Blue Resin-wood & Spalted Maple
Binding:Blue Resin-wood & Maple
Pickup(Option):Air Air