Bird 5K
All Solid Hawaiian Koa

Bird 5K

All Solid Hawaiian Koa

Top, back and sides are all solid wood. aNueNue uses wood that has been naturally air dried wood and are season for many years before even being put into production. All our solid woods are used for our high end pieces. All aNueNue’s solid wood pieces require time to open up and will develop an overall distinguished more complex harmonic tone quality.

aNueNue X Luthier Mitsuta

The story and collaboration started when ukulele artist Kyas introduce Luthier Mitsuta to aNueNue. We design the bird ukulele, and Mitsuta design the voiced of Bird ukulele. Mitsuta's Mount Fuji-voiced brace design produces a clear overtone and warm sounding ukulele. His unique design and perfection to work inspire aNueNue team.

Koa from Hawaii

5K Ukulele

Selected 5A Grade Hawaiian Koa

Curly or wavy patterns are rarer and are typically found in the old-growth trees. Figured is also desired and typically milled from areas of the tree where there is the most stress. For example, where the branch forks or twists. Pressure from the weight of the branch and/or stress created by the wind often causes the tree to develop this figuring.

Koa has a tonal quality that musicians seek. It has a midrange focus with extra top-end brightness. As the instrument is played with frequency the tone continues to open up to an even richer, sweeter, and more pleasant resonant tone. That, combined with its aesthetic appeal, Koa has branded itself as one of the best materials for instrument building.

Hawaiian Koa Tone Comparison

1K Hawaiian Koa Series

Built from solid AA Hawaiian Koa, these instruments are very alluring and pleasing to the eye. Constructed with traditional fan bracing, the 1K series offers a very sweet and balanced sound. These rich and pleasant overtones are sure to please your ears.

3K Hawaiian Koa Series

The 3K Series is very charming. Built from solid 4A Hawaiian Koa, the 3K series offers Mitsuta's unique Mount Fuji-voiced X bracing. This type of bracing produces very clear and warm sounding overtones. Hawaiian Koa wood adds natural compression to balance out aggressive playing while maintaining clarity and warm lows.

5K Hawaiian Koa Series

5A Hawaiian Koa is extremely beautiful and breathtaking. Our 5K series features Mitsuta's signature Mount Fuji-voiced X brace. These instruments produce very clear overtones, warm mids, and deep lows. 5A Koa wood is slightly more dense/hard which creates an extremely well-balanced tone, good dynamic range, rich lows, and long sustain.

Design made with a ebony veneer in abalone heart logo. The Japanese Gotoh tuners for precise tuning.




Ebony / Abalone heart

The ebony bridge helps support the string tension. The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance. The compensated saddle designed to provide the accurate intonation and produce the correctly pitched note.

Ebony / Abalone heart


The rosette with Spalted-Maple, and abalone heart inlay was designed for the elegant look.


The ebony bridge helps support the string tension. The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.

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Black Water String

Black Flurocarbon String Material. Warmer and Treble sounding. Made in Japan.

Blue Hardcase

aNueNue Hardcase is made of laminated hard wood, cover with artificial blue leather. Interior is designed with silver crush velvet. With 20mm of thickness for extra protection.

Pickup (Option) / Air Air

aNueNue Air Air Dual Pickup system is design in HD to reproduce the purest, and dynamic sound of instrument.


18 Frets



20 Frets



20 Frets


Top:Hawaiian Koa
Side:Hawaiian Koa
Back:Hawaiian Koa
Construction:All Solid
Machine Head:GOTOH UPT

Nut/Saddle:Buffalo Bone
String:aNueNue Black Water
Finish:High Gloss
Rosette:Abalone&Spalted Maple
Binding:Flame Maple
Pickup (Option):Air Air